As an estate agent in Coventry, analysing the trends and patterns of the property market is crucial for providing valuable insights to homeowners, home buyers, and landlords. The recent data presented in the graphic illustrates a fascinating trend: the number of bedrooms in a home significantly impacts its saleability.

From the data, we see that homes with three bedrooms enjoy the highest success rate in sales and completions, with a striking 56.2% of such properties successfully moving home (compared to being withdrawn from the market unsold). This suggests that three-bedroom homes are currently the sweet spot for buyers in the UK, potentially due to their appeal to a wide range of purchasers, from small families to professionals looking for a home office space.

Two-bedroom homes follow closely, with a 55.0% success rate. The versatility of two-bedroom properties makes them attractive for young couples, smaller families, or individuals seeking an extra room for guests or work.

Interestingly, as the number of bedrooms increases beyond three, the saleability decreases, with four-bedroom homes at 44.9% and five-plus bedroom homes at 39.7%. This could indicate a lesser demand for larger properties, possibly due to higher running costs or a more limited buyer pool.

For Coventry homeowners considering selling, this data suggests that properties with two to three bedrooms are most aligned with buyer demands in the current market.

Coventry landlords might also take this into account when purchasing properties to let, ensuring they invest in homes with optimal saleability. For Coventry home buyers, understanding these trends can guide them in making a purchase that is not only a fit for their needs but also a sound investment for the future.

Therefore, it's clear that bedroom count does affect saleability, and this insight can be used by everyone to navigate the Coventry property market effectively.